Courses Offred : BCA, B.Ed.
Anti Ragging
Senior students should remember that they are at the risk of rustication if found involved in ragging their juniors.

Ragging has been ruled as a cognizable offence by honorable supreme court and any one can lodge their FIR with police against students involved in ragging.

So be cautious and do not indulge in ragging because the consequences are not worth the momentary pleasure.

Under section 4 of UGC act the anti ragging committee can award one or more of the following punishment, namely:-

1. Ragging can lead to temporary or permanent suspension from class or college
2. Scholarship & other benefits can be stopped fully or partially.
3. Can be detained from appearing in sessional & practical exams or evaluation process.
4. Result can be with held.
5. Disqualified to represent national or international events , games etc.
6. Temporary or permanent expulsion from hostel.
7. Cancellation of admission.
8. Rustication from the college for the next 4 academic sessions.
9. Directly or indirectly provoking ragging with or without evidence can result in group punishment.