Courses Offred : BCA, B.Ed.
Principal's Message

The college was established in 2000 to qualitative education in the field of teacher training and information technology .Colleges are expected to act as a focal point of knowledge that holds the key to a balanced development of human society. Besides education and research further essential role of colleges is to serve the society through international and local contributions.

The vision and mission of RCIT is in tandem with the paradigm of excellence in training and sublime moral existence. We aim to be one of the foremost and premier professional institute of quality education, learning, research and development. The Institute makes special efforts to provide innovative opportunities to become successful teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders in their own specializations.

The organization is equally alive to professional development of its faculty. The Institute does not compromise on two fronts: one ensuring maximum attendance of faculty and students and second, making all out efforts to achieve quality in teaching and learning. It values all round development of its students.

Our Vision

RCIT vision is to be a Global centre of learning to promote professional excellence and Innovation.

The aim is not only focussed on imparting subject knowledge and skills but also to mould the students with better conduct and character committed to the societal need and natural development.

Our Mission

  1. Creating a stimulating and flexible learning environment for its faculty and for its students
  2. Developing a culture that strongly promotes innovation and continued betterment in all facets of life
  3. Inter- disciplinary projects based learning with focus on innovation and research that improve employability   
  4. To create competitive and cooperative environment wherein the students can learn to excel in their endeavours while respecting diversities
  5. Association with top ranked institute and leading industries that facilitate exchange of scholars and experts
  6. To nurture students who shall be leaders of future organizations

Our Core Values

  • Excellence

        Commitment to innovate and learn continuously to ensure that we keep striving for the best   outcomes in all facets of life

  • Ethical Conduct

         Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Transparency in all actions

  • Global Outlook

         The Institute welcomes and encourages diverse ideas, Beliefs and cultures.

  • Promote Leadership

    The Institute believes that leaders create leadership skills in others thus igniting a virtuous cycle of growth.

  • Collaboration and Inclusiveness

          Developing a symbiotic community of faculty, students, alumni, industry, government bodies and

          other Institute of learning. 


Dr. Suman Nehra